OSM Brasil Teambuilders cleaned Ipanema Beach

On September 24th, OSM Brasil Teambuilders teamed up at Ipanema Beach for very important action. Due to the World CleanUP day, that took place on September 17th, they gathered together and voluntarily rolled up their sleeves to clean the beach. 

It was a very beautiful day in Rio de Janeiro, and OSM offered breakfast to the teambuilders.

Before starting the cleaning, people from the Non-Governmental Organisation called “Canal Novo Mundo” educated our team on how people should treat the trash, and how long it takes to decompose each kind of trash, like glass, plastic, aluminium, paper, rubber and other materials.

Later, it was time to clean the beach! The NGO members provided the team with gloves and garbage bags and started cleaning. It took them about an hour, walking around Ipanema beach, to collect almost 30 kilos of all kinds of garbage. It was amazing to see the quantity of plastic, paper, cigarette butts and, unfortunately, cocaine pins…


OSM Brasil Teambuilders cleaning Ipanema Beach


The garbage was collected by the Municipal Cleaning Company and, given to the garbage cooperative that recycles trash and sells it later. The waste that couldn’t be recycled was taken to a landfill in another city.

It’s essential to be part of a company that takes care of people and the environment!