To provide exceptional Crew Management services, OSM Thome maintains an extensive database of highly skilled maritime and offshore crew members. We employ 29,000 seafarers and we maintain a digital platform which includes more than 115,000 CVs (September 2023 data). We have ownership of around 20 manning offices across the globe, which enables us to offer skilled and competent crew members for your vessels. Our manning offices are located in several countries, including the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Croatia, Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, India, Myanmar, Singapore, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and Mexico.

Together with our in-depth knowledge of the industry, OSM Thome is ready to support your business on special recruitment needs. Our global recruitment team has experience across all types of vessels and offshore units. OSM Thome’s recruitment services enable access to the right people with the right expertise.

Currently, OSM Thome is a proud employer of approximately 29,000 seafarers of more than 70 nationalities. Crew Management with OSM Thome is easy!



Crew management for ships includes the following standard services:

  • Crew Sourcing, Screening, Selection And Employment
  • Payroll And Tax Management
  • Cost Control
  • Accounting
  • Crew Planning & Change
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Training
  • Medical Services
  • Crew Insurance
  • Cadet Programs
  • Performance Mentoring and Monitoring
  • Transparent Crew Management Software
  • Career Planning & Development Programs

Optional crew management services include:

  • Day-To-Day Welfare
  • Comprehensive Well-being programme
  • Pension Fund (Retirement Scheme)
  • Provisions And Catering Management
  • 24/7 Telemedicine Services

Benefits to Seafarers:

  • Seafarers as a customer concept
  • Recruit App provides full access to all available jobs
  • Care programs for crew and families provide a dedicated team to handle seafarers’ health issues and post-medical concerns
  • Claims handling
  • Mental and physical support established
  • Long-term service awards and benefits


  • P&I Insurance (Protection and Indemnity for seafarers) and Extended Covers:

OSM Thome feels it is important to provide an increased level of security for the crew and their families. By facilitating all claims handling in-house, our company removes this burden from you, our customers.

  • Pension Fund (Retirement Scheme):

The OSM Thome Provident Fund has been established to provide seafarers with benefits on the occasions of retirement, disability, and death. The Fund had been established as a separate entity from OSM and undertakes to provide financial security.


The unique factor about OSM Thome’s Crew Management is that we have a single point of contact for our customers (PIC or Person-in-Charge) who will manage all requests internally and provide operational efficiency. Our PICs are versatile and undergo extensive training to be capable of providing solutions for operational, financial, and extraordinary or even unconventional requirements. Additionally, we have our own manning offices around the world.

In OSM Thome, our people are our number one asset and we are all about people!


The cornerstone of OSM Thome’s success is its competent seafarers.

Building the competence of the seafarers starts with defining the knowledge, skill and behavior required for seafarers to perform onboard tasks safely and successfully.

With more than 30 years in the business, OSM Thome has built up best practices in effectively operating different vessel types and these best practices are incorporated in the competency standards and aligned with industry standards such as SIRE 2.0, BCAV, Rightships and IMCA requirements.

These OSM Thome competency standards are embedded in a framework for continuously assessing, verifying and enhancing the competencies of the seafarers called the OSM Thome Competence Management System (CMS).

With CMS in place, OSM Thome can easily identify seafarers with the competencies required to operate each of the vessels in our fleets or close out the competence gaps identified through training, onboard coaching and mentoring.

CMS is also a crucial component of our seafarers’ development programs such as the Future Leaders program, Vessel Cross-training programs and the Catering Education program. These seafarers’ development programs are essential in meeting the crew requirements of new vessels joining the OSM Thome fleet.

As the OSM Thome competency standards are updated regularly in response to new legislation, new technology on board or new best practices learned from other industries, OSM Thome seafarers will always have the competencies to safely and effectively operate our customers’ vessels today and in the future.


OSM Thome offers professional partnership and tailor-made cruise Crew Management services for the passenger vessel industry worldwide. We deliver and manage qualified and trained crew for all departments onboard our growing fleet of cruise ships, expedition vessels, ferries, and yachts.


What is Crew Management in the maritime industry?

Crew management in the maritime industry refers to the process of managing the human resources of a ship or a fleet of ships. This includes tasks such as recruiting and hiring crew members, ensuring that they are properly trained and certified, and managing their day-to-day activities while onboard the vessel.

The crew management process also involves ensuring that the crew is properly compensated and receives appropriate benefits, such as healthcare, pension, and insurance. Additionally, crew management includes ensuring compliance with regulations related to crew safety and wellbeing, such as the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW).

Crew management is a crucial aspect of the maritime industry, as the safety and efficiency of a ship depend heavily on the quality of its crew. A well-managed crew can help ensure that a ship operates safely and efficiently, while a poorly managed crew can result in safety hazards, operational inefficiencies, and potential legal and financial liabilities.

Why should a shipowner outsource the Management of his Crew?

Shipowners may choose to outsource the management of their crew to third-party crew management companies for several reasons, including:

1. Expertise: Crew management companies specialize in managing human resources in the maritime industry and have the expertise and resources to effectively manage crews, including recruitment, training, and certification. By outsourcing crew management, shipowners can benefit from the knowledge and experience of these specialized companies.
2. Cost-effectiveness: Managing a crew can be a time-consuming and expensive process, involving tasks such as recruitment, training, certification, payroll, and compliance with regulations. Outsourcing crew management can allow shipowners to reduce these costs and focus on their core business.
3. Flexibility: Outsourcing crew management can provide shipowners with greater flexibility to adjust crew sizes and compositions based on changing business needs, as crew management companies can quickly provide additional crew members or adjust crew compositions as needed.
4. Compliance: Crew management companies have experience in navigating complex maritime regulations and ensuring compliance with industry standards. By outsourcing crew management, shipowners can ensure that their crew is in compliance with all relevant regulations and industry best practices.
5. Risk management: Effective crew management is critical to maintaining safe and efficient operations on board a vessel. By outsourcing crew management to a specialized company, shipowners can reduce the risk of accidents, injuries, and other incidents that could result in legal and financial liabilities.

In summary, outsourcing crew management to a specialized company can provide shipowners with expertise, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, compliance, and risk management benefits.

What do we mean by the term "Marine Crew Management"?

Marine crew management is a term that refers to the management of the human resources of a ship or a fleet of ships. It encompasses a wide range of activities involved in recruiting, hiring, training, scheduling, and overseeing the crew members who work on board a vessel.

The key objectives of marine crew management are to ensure the safe and efficient operation of a vessel, to comply with relevant maritime regulations, and to maintain the well-being of crew members. Effective crew management involves coordinating and managing a wide range of activities, such as:

1. Crew recruitment: This involves sourcing, selecting, and hiring crew members who possess the necessary skills, qualifications, and experience to perform their roles effectively.
2. Training and certification: This involves providing crew members with the necessary training and certification to ensure they are competent in their roles and can comply with relevant regulations, such as the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW).
3. Crew scheduling: This involves managing crew rotations and scheduling crew members to ensure that there is always a sufficient number of crew members on board to safely and efficiently operate the vessel.
4. Payroll and benefits: This involves managing crew members’ pay, benefits, and other entitlements, such as health insurance and retirement plans.
5. Compliance with regulations: This involves ensuring that the vessel and its crew comply with all relevant maritime regulations, such as safety regulations and environmental regulations.

Overall, effective marine crew management is critical to the safe and efficient operation of a vessel and requires careful planning, coordination, and communication to ensure that the crew is well-trained, motivated, and supported throughout their employment on board a vessel.

Why choose OSM Thome for crewing services?

OSM Thome is a leading provider of marine and offshore crewing services, with a proven track record of delivering high-quality crew management solutions to shipowners and operators worldwide. There are several reasons why a shipowner or operator may choose OSM Thome for their crewing needs, including:

1. Expertise: OSM Thome has more than 30 years of experience in crew management and has a team of highly skilled professionals with deep expertise in the maritime industry.
2. Global network: OSM Thome has a global network of offices and partners, which allows them to source and manage crews from around the world.
3. Technology-driven solutions: OSM Thome uses innovative technology solutions to manage crewing processes, such as their proprietary CrewSense™ system, which streamlines crew management processes, including scheduling, payroll, and compliance.
4. Compliance and safety focus: OSM Thome places a strong emphasis on compliance and safety, with a commitment to meeting all relevant regulatory requirements and ensuring that crew members are trained and certified to the highest standards.
5. Tailored solutions: OSM Thome works closely with each client to understand their specific needs and develop customized crew management solutions that meet their requirements.
6. 24/7 support: OSM Thome provides 24/7 support to clients, with a dedicated team of experts available to assist with any crewing-related issues or emergencies.

Overall, OSM Thome offers a comprehensive range of crewing services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. With a focus on expertise, technology, compliance, safety, and support, OSM Thome is a trusted partner for shipowners and operators seeking high-quality crew management solutions.