OSM Thome is an experienced tanker management company. We currently have around 200 tankers under full management, of various types, sizes, and capacities. We believe that quality management can be achieved only by highly skilled and trained seafarers in combination with top-notch systems and platforms, experienced shore employees, and well-defined processes. All these are ingredients that can lead only to a single result: quality technical management for our tankers!

Our company is additionally the world’s leading provider of professional crewing services. We understand the complexities, challenges, and pressures of a modern mobility and shipping industry, especially in the tanker crew pool business. OSM Thome’s tanker crew pool counts thousands of seafarers, including both officers and ratings of various nationalities. Our crew is highly competitive and skilful in handling your vessel’s daily operations and responsibilities.

Accredited to the highest industry standards, with a professionally organized shore-based management team, OSM Thome works closely with owners to achieve the common goal of safe and quality operations. Timely monitoring and reporting are achieved through the strict implementation of quality assurance procedures together with the implementation of innovative marine software solutions and regular hands-on inspections.

OSM Thome provides a full range of management services for tanker vessels in all segments, cargoes, and trades worldwide. Our main goal is to ensure the vessels we manage are in good condition and ready to operate anytime, anywhere, to the highest possible performance levels and at the most competitive cost levels.


OSM Thome’s Chemical/Products/Oil/LNG/LPG/Shuttle Tankers Fleet in quarter 1 of 2023 is comprised of the following:


Classification based on Deadweight Chemical/Oil/Products Tankers Gas Carriers Shuttle Tankers
General Purpose (9K-25K) 23 7
Medium Range (25K-45K) 31 1
LR1 (45K-80K) 52 1
Aframax (80K-120K) 41 6
LR2 (120K-160K) 5 4
VLCC (160K-320K) 17


OSM Thome has profound experience in handling a wide range of tankers with an established technical management vehicle at strategic locations around the world including Singapore, and Croatia. Alongside technically managing all types of tankers amongst all deadweight ranges, OSM Thome currently manages a wide range of chemical tankers up to the DWT of 74,999 MT.


​With OSM and Thome’s combined industry experience, OSM Thome has the longest experience as a shuttle tanker operator. OSM Ship Management AS was previously named Rasmussen Maritime Services AS (founded in 1977), until OSM acquired Rasmussen MS in 2003. Rasmussen MS has been a shuttle tanker operator since 1979; Polytrader and Polytraveller were the first shuttle tankers in the world, and they were operated by Rasmussen MS. These ships, and many other shuttle tankers, were still in the fleet when OSM acquired Rasmussen MS.

OSM Thome Is The World’s Number One Third Party Shuttle Tanker Manager

OSM Thome is the world’s leading third-party shuttle tanker manager. It is well known in the market as a shuttle tanker manager delivering high-level and core technical management services. The experience gathered both by shipboard and shore technical management has allowed OSM Thome to develop integrated and comprehensive quality systems and structures allowing for safe and efficient operation.

Currently, there are around 90 shuttle tankers worldwide and OSM Thome is the crew and technical manager of 10% of the global shuttle tanker fleet.


OSM Thome, with its world’s largest pool of seafarers in the gas industry, is ready to offer its leading-edge expertise obtained from projects which involve FSRUs, gas-to-power projects, full crew management on multiple offshore units and LNG/LPG/Ethylene and deliver it at a competitive cost to its customers.

The OSM Thome pool of LNG, LPG and Ethylene seafarers surpasses 850 positions on board and a further estimated 940 ashore.



  • Equinor
  • Petrobras
  • ExxonMobil
  • Shell Group
  • BP
  • Neste
  • ENI

Audited by Oil Majors (Equinor, Aker BP, Exxon Mobil, Shell, etc)



  • Customer’s vessels will continue to hold approvals with oil majors
  • SIRE Approval ready
  • Operational continuity