Women Seafarers in the Green Maritime Revolution

As female seafarers, we are paving the way for future opportunities and inspiring young women with dreams of joining the maritime industry. These aspiring women hold immense potential to contribute to the industry’s growth and sustainability. Our inherent qualities shine through in our daily tasks, where we excel in management, problem-solving, decision-making, and navigating choices. It’s this unique blend of skills and perspective that drives our success in the maritime world.

As a women, we have this genuine care to our work and to the people around us. As a young chief cook, I always put love and passion to the dishes I prepare. I always make sure that the crew are served with healthy meals for them to replenish their strengths after a long day of work.

Allow me to use this platform to champion gender equality. Yes, there are limitations to the things that we do as a woman, but we cannot also deny the fact that there are also things women can do equally to men. Together, let us create a harmonious work environment onboard, safer place to work, build and strengthen our career, and greener economy in the future. For this to take effect, women workforce needs to be respected, accepted and given a chance to lead. We also need more leaders who will continue to trust female seafarers based on our capabilities and abilities which can contribute to the maritime industry.

To all young women out there who are dreaming to be part of this industry, don’t be afraid to follow and reach your dreams just because of some circumstances that happens because you have so much to offer and more capable than you think.

So join us and let’s our mothers, sisters, and best friends proud.

Happy International Women’s Month from Viking Diamond.