Women of OSM: Mailyn Borillo

Mailyn Borillo is the manager of OSM’s office in Manila, Philippines. She has extensive maritime experience, and has held several different leadership positions within the industry. Mailyn has been employed in companies where job performance matters the most, regardless of gender and race, and was recently featured in the Manila Times on the topic of “Women Leaders”. 

“It was never an easy path”

Mailyn Borillo

When Mailyn first started working in this male dominated industry she found it very intimidating. “It was never an easy path” she said. However, Mailyn was fortunate to be mentored and supported. She believes that one of the reasons for her success is that her colleagues and peers believed in what she could do, and not what she couldn’t.

Do not consider being a woman a limitation, you are limitless, you can achieve whatever you set your heart and mind to. Find mentors who believe in you and shares your values. Find purpose in what you are doing. I never thought of the corporate ladder as a progressive set of titles; I have always looked at it as opportunities to serve and make a difference. That purpose is where I get my strength to come to the office excited and happy every day.” Mailyn answered when asked about her tips to other women in the maritime industry.

You can read more about Mailyn in the Manila Times: