Women of OSM: Lia Papaiacovou

Lia Papaiacovou is the general manager for OSM’s holding companies in Cyprus. When she joined OSM in 2007 and began setting up the office in Cyprus, it was her first role as a manager. Building up the office in Limassol and with a great amount of experience from other aspects of the maritime industry, Lia had a steep learning curve.

Lia loves how the industry is so fast moving and enjoys the challenges she comes across. “The challenges make you grow” she states.

In the industry, she has come across many people and has always been treated with the utmost respect.  

“When people see how far you have come, how competent you are in your job and how well you carry yourself, they look up to you. Reaching management level of course earns you respect.” 

Lia emphasizes that if you want to go all in, you have to be dedicated. Her most important tip for any other women seeking the maritime industry is dedication.

“You have to love the business otherwise it will be a tedious job facing all the daily challenges.” 

She is very grateful that OSM gave her this opportunity and the trust and respect has encouraged her to perform at her very best.   Since joining OSM, Lia realized that she could do anything she set her mind to. However, it is important to highlight that the trust and respect is a result of hard work and dedication from Lia. 

Lia is also licensed in the Predictive Analysis Index and an active member in the local maritime cluster, chairing a committee for the Cyprus Shipping Chamber and a member of WISTA.