Welcoming Aboriginal Deck Officers Grant Syron and David Oxenham onboard the Siem Thiima

OSM is deeply committed to working with our clients to support Aboriginal and Indigenous engagement and employment. We believe in investing in individuals to build genuine lasting relationships with our seafarers and doing this in an inclusive and culturally aware manner. Our aim is to increase levels of Indigenous training and employment in the Australian Oil and Gas Industry through the provision of structured training and employment opportunities within the maritime industry. Our contingent workforce strategy encourages diversity by actively supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) people to gain long-term employment.

OSM continue to work with our clients to increase the number of ATSI seafarers in the industry. We recently had the privilege of hiring two newly qualified Aboriginal Deck Officers Grant Syron and David Oxenham on the Siem Thiima. Both officers had outstanding feedback from the Master and were extremely well received by the crew. We would also like to thank Siem for their ongoing support in ATSI employment opportunities and structured training programs.