Welcome to OSM family Lysvik and Lysbris Seaways!

OSM will provide Technical and Crew Management services to the DFDS’s Lys-Line fleet (“Lysbris and Lysvik Seaways”) expanding our long relationship with DFDS.

DFDS owns and operates two container and side port Lys-Line vessels as part of its logistics network connecting Norway with the UK and Continent. The vessels are transporting containers, paper products and refuse-derived fuel among other things.

The two vessels were technically managed by DFDS in Oslo with the support from DFDS house. DFDS decided to outsource the Technical and Crew Management services to OSM and the vessels are already under our management.

Thomas Mørk, VP Technical Organization of DFDS, says;

“… with a major fleet under OSM management and our long relationship with them as crewing agencies, there will be more synergies to benefit from and best practices to share. We also hope to learn from working with a global provider of ship services like OSM.”

Thank you again DFDS for your trust and we promise that our mission “To contribute to our customer’s success” will always be our beacon!