Vaccinations of seafarers while in hotel quarantine

Booster shots for COVID-19 slowly becoming mandatory in various ports and countries of destination has posed a certain dilemma for seafarers running a tight schedule to complete the required days for quarantine prior to embarkation.

Nordic Medical Clinic (NMC) offers a solution to this predicament through vaccinations of seafarers while in hotel quarantine – which started last February 2022. Since NMC already has a team conducting room to room swab testing, why not include vaccination in the service?


  1. A cold chain system for vaccines is maintained as clients provide NMC with the vaccine supply for storage and administration.
  2. A Smooth 4 step process from online registration to medical screening by Doctors is followed, the same amount of time it takes for onsite (clinic) vaccination – all within 30 minutes including 15-min post-vaccination monitoring and health education.
  3. Post-vaccination care hotline is set up through NMC Telemedicine for possible delayed side effects.

We look forward to providing more holistic maritime health solutions to help our seafarers and contribute to our customers’ success.