Svend Anthonsen is the new Managing Director of OSM Copenhagen

OSM Maritime would like to announce that Svend Anthonsen has been hired for the position of the Managing Director of OSM Copenhagen.

Svend Anthonsen joined Navig8 Chemical Tankers Inc. in August 2019, mainly to ensure that the project of recoating 22 Eco Chemical tankers over a period of 2 years was executed. In addition, he established the technical department ensuring that management of the manager’s function was in place and cost control enhanced. 

Previously Mr Anthonsen was the vice president of the technical department in Eitzen Chemical and later Team Tankers International A/S for 5 years. Mr Anthonsen had also held a position as CTO/General Manager in Ultragas/Ultrabulk for nearly 5 years where he was responsible for the technical operation and the new building program of both gas and bulk carriers. Prior to that, he was employed in Eitzen Group for 11 years where he held a number of positions over the years ranking from Technical Superintendent, Technical Manager and Technical Director in the ship management division of the company.

All his previous experience has given him a very strong knowledge in the technical operation, both from a ship owning and ship managing perspective with experience on various types of vessels ranging from product, chemical, gas and bulk carriers. Prior to engagement in the shipping industry, Mr. Anthonsen was employed at MAN B&W Diesel A/S where he worked as Service Engineer for after-sales service.

Mr. Anthonsen has education as Marine Engineer from the East Asiatic Company (ØK) and has been sailing for almost 10 years in both EAC and D/S Torm A/S. Mr. Anthonsen is a Danish citizen and resides in Denmark.

Copengahen is OSM’s strategic technical management vehicle for chemical tanker owners and operators, with a focus on reliable and safe operations. Copenhagen as a location was selected due to its physical proximity to ship owners. OSM Copenhagen with its technical capabilities is now a well-known, quality operation centre in the shipping cluster of chemical tankers.

OSM would like to welcome Svend to the OSM family and wishes him an exciting and successful career in his new role.