Siem Offshore and OSM Maritime Partner to drive mental health awareness

#itsallaboutyou down under with Siem Offshore and OSM Maritime

Siem Offshore and OSM Maritime partner to drive mental health awareness.

A healthy mind is an important prerequisite for healthy crew and healthy operations.

In June of this year, OSM Maritime launched their first ever global mental health campaign, How Healthy is Your Mind: An OSM Seafarers’ Guide to Positive Mental Health.

Targeted at safeguarding and improving mental health of its 11,000 crew members the campaign has had several ongoing initiatives to support the progress of the campaign. Exemplifying commitment to their people, offshore and subsea shipping company, Siem Offshore recently partnered with OSM Maritime’s teambuilders in OSM Australia and Healthy Marine Minds to begin taking this campaign to their people.

The partners recently hosted a ‘Healthy Marine Minds’ workshop together with the aim of increasing awareness and understanding around important topics related to mental health.  Top counsellors from Healthy Marine Minds were invited to help shape a pilot program for Siem Australia’s crews and their families. Their mental fitness awareness training will be tailored to seafarer’s unique work environment and lifestyle on board the vessels.

“This training will provide education, encourage help-seeking behaviour, promote early intervention and reduce the stigma around mental health. We want to do our part in helping to reduce and prevent suicide, absenteeism due to mental health concerns of crew and their families, alcohol and substance abuse,” says HSEQ Manager for Siem Australia Ben Pruen.

The program will enable crew with the skills required to know where and how to get any help that they, or one of their mates require.  The first information session that was held covered topics including mental fitness and how to improve it, how to help someone in distress and the support services available to seafarers and their families.

“Healthy minds mean healthy operations, but above all, Siem Australia and globally is committed to the wellbeing of our crew,” closes Ben.