Shipping 4.0 at OSM: Smarter, faster, better

What is the best way to digitalize ship management operations? Smart data analytics is at the core of the solution.
OSM’s commitment to developing smart solutions has reached another milestone with the construction of its Maritime Operations Center. The facility, developed in partnership with a Singapore based analytics company, will allow OSM to connect all its data sources around the world, and show complex information in a simple graphical interface that will be available from any device, anywhere in the world, as long as people have access to the internet. Seafarers will be able to access the same information as teams onshore, empowering their decision making, while safety and incident response abilities will be improved through better, 24/7 access to all operational data and full-time monitoring.

Better support

“The Operations Center is built around the idea of using state of the art technologies for creating value and efficiencies for all our stakeholders – at sea and in office,” says Vijeen Goyal, who recently joined OSM to manage the center.

A comprehensive test program will be carried out before the center can go live, hopefully already in Q3 2018:

“The top priority right now is to identify the necessary tools to support the fleet technical management. Re-engineering of our business processes takes place in parallel; by making the adjustments needed to take full advantage of the analytics that the center will provide. The plan is to take over the first test fleet by mid-September,” Goyal notes.

The Operations Center will be the heart of OSM’s Technical Management strategy and -services, and will work as an innovation hub for the company with the objective of developing game-changing technology-based solutions through an ecosystem of digital partnerships.

Continuous evaluation

According to OSM’s Chief Technology Officer, Chakib Abi-Saab, “The creation of the operations center is a significant step towards our objective of optimizing costs, improve productivity, increase returns, reduce risks, and identify new revenue streams. Our direction is clear, we want to continue to offer best in class services to the industry, and help our clients achieve competitive advantages through new innovative solutions that will go far beyond the operations center.”

He stresses that there is no doubt that technological development is an important driver for any company’s growth strategy as it will help protect the core business while enabling growth in new segments or areas:

“I am a firm believer that innovation is paramount to maintain a sustainable growth environment in today’s world. As a result, we are currently evaluating several technologies for future offerings, including Robotics Process Automation, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Drone and Video analytics, and so on. In short, the idea is to utilize new generation technology to protect our core, and realize new business opportunities.”