OSM Thome delivers tailor-made end-to-end services for Cruise, Ferry, and Yacht management worldwide. We are dedicated team builders supporting and assuring our partners’ success in a safe and responsible way. Our full technical management service includes all aspects of Cruise ship management (as well as for other passenger vessels) operations.


OSM Thome’s experience is built upon our core maritime technical management expertise from both conventional shipping to the most modern and hi-tech offshore units and vessels that require skilled crew, as well as a highly competent shore organization, designed to meet any customer requirements.​ The same values and quality we apply for Cruise Line and Passenger Vessel Technical Management.

Our Cruise Ships and Passenger Vessels Technical Management includes the following services:


We provide global coverage and quick turnaround time for 3rd party inspections of all vessel types, including Cruise ships and Ferries. Professional and timely reports according to agreed SoW; e.g. pre-purchase surveys, condition assessments, class record reviews, damage inspections and inspection, budget and schedule for breaking lay-up or modifications.

Project management and support

OSM Thome possesses a wide range of experience with project management, support and execution of technical projects ranging from minor to major vessel modifications, regulatory advice and follow-up, and review of drawings and new builds. The activity also covers projects of an administrative nature like the change of administrative systems, new areas of operation, improvement projects, business case studies etc. We are focused on doing projects with vessels in normal operation as far as practicably possible.

OSM Thome counts many years of experience in the Projects and New Building segment as Consultants, Engineers or Supervisors in the construction of several Cruise Ships, Super Yachts and Passenger Vessels. OSM has participated in Joint Developments, Project Developments, New Building Specifications, GA Developments, New Building Supervision, Site Supervision, Post-delivery Follow-ups, Vessel Conversions, Conversion Supervision, Damage Repairs, and more. If you are considering building a new vessel, get a quote from OSM Thome as well!

Maintenance system update and support

A dedicated and experienced maintenance team with experience in building Planned Maintenance Databases (PMS) databases for new vessels, improving database standard and integration of PMS and purchasing system with invoicing/ crewing/ accounting/ other systems, change of PMS, troubleshooting, daily PMS support to shore team and Cruise ships, Ferries or Yachts, crew and shore team training. OSM Thome can offer spare part management including onboard riding crew for streamlining spare parts stock onboard.

Crew Management

OSM Thome delivers and manages qualified and trained crew for all departments onboard our growing fleet of Cruise ships, Expedition vessels, Ferries and Yachts. We offer professional partnership and tailor-made crew management services for the passenger vessel industry worldwide.

At OSM Thome we are committed to providing the necessary focus and resources to ensure that your vessel (Cruise line ship or Passenger vessel), crew and passengers are successfully and safely managed. In combination with technical services by OSM Thome and our dedicated team of qualified people, we are able to achieve competitive insurance as well as risk management solutions, combined with offering high-quality claims services for our clients.


What does Yacht Technical Management include?

Yacht technical management includes the management of a yacht’s technical and engineering systems to ensure the vessel is maintained to the highest standards of safety, reliability, and efficiency. This involves overseeing the maintenance, repair, and upgrade of the yacht’s propulsion, electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic systems, as well as the management of the yacht’s crew, supplies, and inventory.

Yacht technical management also includes ensuring compliance with international maritime regulations and standards, such as those set by classification societies and flag states, as well as implementing safety and security protocols. The technical manager may work closely with the yacht’s owner, captain, and other stakeholders to ensure that the yacht meets the owner’s expectations for performance, comfort, and amenities. Overall, the goal of yacht technical management is to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the yacht, while maximizing its lifespan and minimizing downtime.

What is Cruise Ship Technical Management?

Cruise ship technical management involves the management of a cruise ship’s technical operations, including the maintenance and repair of the vessel’s engines, propulsion systems, electrical systems, and other machinery. This includes managing the ship’s engineering department, which is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the vessel. Cruise ship technical management also involves ensuring compliance with international maritime regulations and standards, as well as overseeing the procurement and management of spare parts, supplies, and equipment. Overall, the goal of cruise ship technical management is to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the ship, while minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.