OSM Thome Ship Agency provides a full range of services such as cargo operations, bunkering, husbandry, and global protective agency services. We manage spot calls and contractual agreements for maritime assets.

From the smallest spare part delivery to the most complex dry-docking operation, we take care of every aspect of our customers’ needs. We strive to achieve the highest operational efficiency while saving costs for our principals.


OSM Thome Ship Agency acts as the charterers’ or owners’ agent, providing the highest standard of products and services to diversified clients and vessels:

  • Comprehensive range of agency services
  • Global Agency Network
  • Support from our own offices & trusted partners
  • 24/7 support
  • Capability to handle all vessel types
  • Accommodation and transport solutions

OSM Thome has ship agency offices in the following countries: Singapore, China, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand.


  • Centralized point of contact
  • Provides a 24/7 Hub to vessels and customer support
  • Supports and offloads ‘After-Office-Hour’ work through the duty system
  • Agency software solution
  • Handles more than 7,000 port calls a year*


OSM Thome Ship Agency acts as the Charterer’s or Owner’s agent providing the highest standard of products and services to diversified clients and vessels.

1. Port Agency Services

• Vessel Husbandry/Owners Protective agent
• Bunkering
• Crew Change
• Logistics
• Stevedoring
• Cargo Operations

2. Marine Services

• De-slopping
• Hold cleaning
• Underwater survey
• Hull and propeller cleaning
• Hot and cold layup of vessels
• Heavy lift/project cargo handling
• Cargo survey


Cargo Services

  • Terminal / Berth arrangement
  • Stowage planning coordination
  • Stevedoring arrangement
  • Pendulum lifting
  • Surveyor / checker coordination

Husbandry Services

  • Vessel service pre-planning
  • Bunker delivery coordination
  • Booked services coordination
  • Cash to master
  • Crew change assistance
  • On/Off-hire Survey Coordination
  • Meet and greet
  • Crew medical assistance
  • Launch coordination service
  • Spare parts coordination

Complete Range of Services

  • Wet cargo operations
  • Dry cargo operations
  • Nitrogen Blanketing
  • Break bulk cargo operations
  • Project cargo operations
  • Vessel husbandry/owners’ matters
  • Dry dockings
  • Bunker calls
  • Crew changes
  • Spare parts handling
  • Launch services
  • Aerial Photography
  • Underwater surveys
  • Hull and propeller cleaning
  • Stevedoring
  • Vessel renaming
  • De-slopping
  • Hold cleaning
  • Vessel hot and cold layup
  • Heavy lift/project cargo handling
  • Minor repairs
  • Cargo survey
  • Regional agency coordination


1. Rig Movement

Safe delivery and loading of the RIG Anchor and Chains which involved Triple Banking operation alongside Jurong Port.

  • MPA
  • Jurong Port Terminal
  • Stevedores
  • Carrier Agent
  • Marine Warranty Surveyor

2. Triple Banking Cargo Ops

The safe delivery of the RIG from Keppel FEL and load on Nominated HLV @ ACGP Anchorage.

  • MPA
  • Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
  • Republic of Singapore Air
  • Tug Providers
  • 3rd Party Tow Master
  • Marine Warranty Surveyor

3. Floating Power Plant Movement

The safe delivery of the FPP from ST Marine Yard and load on Nominated HLV @ Anchorage.

  • MPA
  • Tug Providers
  • 3rd Party Tow Master
  • Marine Warranty Surveyor
  • HLV