OSM Thome’s crew recruitment services help maritime and offshore businesses who want to recruit the right maritime or offshore crew, with the right expertise, by increasing the speed of delivery and securing quality and compliance.

OSM Thome has the industry’s leading candidate pool where seafarers and offshore specialists register their CV and profile. In May 2024 we had more than 140,000 seafarers registered in our system. Our Recruitment team has extensive experience across all types of vessels and offshore units. On top of this, we have offices around the world in locations relevant to our clients and candidates. As a result, OSM Thome can connect your business with talented seafarers and offshore specialists across the globe, being your crew recruitment partner in the maritime and offshore industry.

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OSM Thome’s specialized crew recruitment unit can provide you with the best talents available, for any type of vessel and offshore unit. To recruit the right people for your temporary and permanent jobs, the recruitment team uses a highly efficient and quality-approved recruiting process.

The recruitment solutions can be tailored to your business needs and consists of the steps necessary to attract and evaluate the best available candidates for your open vacancies. Our recruiters will work closely with your team to create a recruitment plan which identifies the hiring needs and requirements such as positions, certificates, courses, vessel types experience, flag requirements, years of relevant experience, expected start date and location of work.

Based on a defined need, the recruitment team search in our extensive global candidate pool of seafarers and offshore workers who have registered their profile and CV with OSM Thome. Thereafter a screening and short-listing of applicants is done, before the recruiters perform interviews via phone or video meetings, to determine if the candidates are qualified for the job. Next, standardized background and reference checks are conducted to verify the information and previous work experiences. Once all steps of the recruitment are completed and the right people are ready to start work the CVs and documentation is provided in line with GDPR regulations.

If your interest is not limited to Crew Recruitment but you are also interested in Management, click the link for Crew Management.


OSM Thome has an up-to-date pool of candidates across all positions at sea, including marine, rig, hotel and project crew. We have created an easy-to-use ship crew recruitment system, where it is simple and straightforward for seafarers and offshore workers to register their profile and CV. All information in our up-to-date system is based on structured data, providing our recruiters with great options for searching for the right candidates in an efficient way.

Do you have recruitment needs for your vessel or offshore unit? We are able to handle your recruitment needs for all temporary or permanent positions at sea. Ranks that OSM Thome typically recruit are:

  • Masters / Captains
  • Chief Officers, 2nd Officers, 3rd Officers, Dynamic Positioning Officers (DPO)
  • Chief Engineers, 2nd Engineers, 3rd Engineers, Electricians (ETO/ETR/Ships Electricians)
  • Technical Section Leaders (TSL), Technical Assistants (TASS), Engine Room Operators (ERO)
  • Able Seamen (AB), Ordinary Seamen (OS), Bosuns
  • Motormen, Fitters, Oilers
  • Offshore Crane Operators
  • Chief Stewards, Chief Cooks, Cooks, Stewards, Catering crew
  • Chef de Partie, Demi Chef de Partie, Sous Chef, Culinary Arts crew
  • Housekeepers, Bartenders, Receptionists, Waiters
  • Roughnecks, Floorhands, Roustabouts, Riggers
  • Toolpushers, Tourpushers, Drillers, Assistant Drillers, Drilling Fluid Operators (DFOs), Derrickmen
  • Rig Admins, Ship Admins, Radio Operators
  • Mechanics
  • Medics, Nurses, Doctors
  • Rig Admins, Radio Operators


OSM Thome’s recruitment team has extensive experience across all types of vessels and offshore units. We are represented with offices worldwide and offers recruitment services in a variety of locations, e.g. in Norway, the United Kingdom, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Philippines, Australia, Brazil and many more.

The categories of vessel types OSM Thome supplies with crew recruitment services are:

  • Offshore, including Offshore Support Vessels (OSV), Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS), Platform Supply Vessels (PSV), Cable Laying Vessels (CLV), Seismic Vessels, Multi-Purpose Supply Vessels (MPSV), Mobile Drilling Units (MODU), FPSO, FSO, Rigs, Accommodation Platforms, Floatels, Cargo Transfer Vessels, Offshore Construction Vessels, Standby Safety Vessels, Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel (ERRV), Subsea Support Vessels, Drillships, Jackup Rigs, Drilling Semi-submersible (DP), and Pipe-Layers.
  • Cruise, Ferries, Yachts, Passenger ships and Ro-Ro Vessels
  • Tankers (LNG, LPG, Shuttle, Chemical, Crude Oil, and Product Tankers)
  • Bulk carriers
  • Container vessels
  • Offshore Wind and Renewables, including Service Operation Vessels (SOV), Turbine Installation vessel (WTIV), Construction Support Vessels (CSV), Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV), Installation Support Vessels (ISV) and Walk-To-Work (W2W) vessels
  • Fishing, including Fish Factory Vessels, Delousing Vessels, Well-boats, Fish Carriers


OSM Thome is offering an efficient service for sourcing and screening relevant candidates for your ships and vessels around the globe. We own the best in class, data-driven sourcing and screening platform that matches seafarers with ship owners faster than ever. As a result, OSM Thome is solving ship owners’ need for qualified and available candidates, anywhere and at any time. With our up-to-date and global pool of seafarers, combined with maritime recruitment expertise, we are able to handle high volumes of candidate sourcing and screening for your business. Contact OSM Thome Recruitment today to get started with the world-leading sourcing and screening services.


OSM Thome’s industry’s leading candidate pool, offices around the world streamlined recruitment agency services, secures an efficient and hassle-free customer experience. Our company has a long-term commitment to the industry and is ready to be your strategic and reliable partner.

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