Partnership of BW Energy Brazil and OSM Thome for the Cidade de Vitoria FPSO

For OSM Thome, securing another long-term partnership with one of the most relevant companies in the O&G industry is the result of years of experience, innovation, and proven delivery of added value to our customers.

Last October, BW Energy and OSM Thome commenced a collaborative offshore crew partnership to source manpower to the FPSO “Cidade de Vitoria”, at Golfinho field.

It is now time for OSM Thome to leverage the acquired experience of recruiting, training, mobilizing, and managing offshore workers looking forward to providing a workforce up to the task of being a key asset for the success of our customers.

Besides that, tracking and interpreting KPIs and data monitored throughout the daily operations will be done with a keen eye to identify trends, enhance safety standards, and optimize processes.

We see without any doubt that this is a milestone in OSM Thome´s history, for which we celebrate. At the same time, it is also time to challenge ourselves to keep delivering the highest standards of service and pursuing the goal of expanding our presence in the Energy sector.

We are proud of this achievement and committed not only to supporting BW Energy in achieving its immediate objectives but also to contributing to forthcoming projects on the horizon.