OSM’s Sustainability Report for 2020

In 2020, OSM made further progress into the UNGC Ten Principals and selected SDG goals. This is our fourth sustainability report which presents our results and initiatives undertaken by the OSM group towards the 4 areas of the Ten Principals of the UNGC. OSM Maritime Group has confirmed and renewed the commitment to continuously support the United Nation Global Impact and its Ten Principals of Human Rights, Labour, Environmental Protection, and Anti-Corruption.

OSM joined the UN Global Impact in the year 2017 under one of the operating units “Crew Management”. From 2018 onwards, the sustainability report was expanded to include relevant data and statistics from the whole OSM Maritime Group. Some of the commendable achievements during the year have been

  1. Launching of 04 new building supervision project meeting ‘Zero Emission’, ‘Sustainable Offshore Testing Program’ and ‘The Ocean Project – A Sustainability Initiative’
  2. An increase of 8% & 15% in the different nationalities employed ashore, and onboard respectively under the group
  3. Recognition of women at OSM in various fields. An overall increase by 21% of female participants in the catering program compared to last year
  4. Higher (47%) in web-based shore learning programs to counteract the classroom suspensions during COVID 19. Launching of extensive Virtual web-based learning across the group. Launching of Shore-based Soft skill training program. Launch of Mental health wellness program
  5. Key business expansions
  6. Nordic Medical clinic’s expansion in the frontlines of seafarer’s health care
  7. Engagement of dedicated COVID 19 response management team across the group
  8. First OSM Scholar Graduate from the Education and Scholarship Program
  9. Membership of MACN

Among others. Please click to read the report for the holistic view of OSM Maritime sustainability efforts