OSM’s CEO in Brasil, met with colleagues and got onboard Sealoader 2

Last week, OSM Maritime Group’s CEO, Finn Amund Norbye, and Managing Director of OSM Arendal, Stig Morten Helland, paid a visit to the OSM Brasil office in Rio de Janeiro. During their stay, they had the opportunity to get onboard the CTV Sealoader 2, a vessel that our team is proud of.

The management spent qualitative time onboard talking to the crew and discussing the project´s peculiarities. We must definitely admit that this served as a milestone to increase our teambuilders’ awareness about the proximity of our top leaders and the relevance of their work to the Company´s results.


OSM Brazil

Finn Amund Norbye and Stig Morten spent some time with all the OSM Brasil teambuilders, and learned valuable “details” about the country’s culture.

The OSM Brasil colleagues agreed upon the following statement: “It was a wonderful morning for us. We would like to thank both Finn and Stig for their kind gesture to visit us”.