OSM Thome Launches its New Vision, Mission, and Values

OSM Thome is proud to announce the launch of its new Vision, Mission, and Values. This significant development follows the successful merger of OSM Maritime and Thome Group in May 2023, which marked a new chapter in our journey.

During this transformative co-creation process, our Management, office employees, and seafarers played a pivotal role in shaping our shared Vision, Mission, and Values. With their invaluable contributions, we have established a unified direction that aligns with our collective aspirations and reflects our commitment to excellence.

By fostering an inclusive environment, we ensured that every employee had the opportunity to actively participate and contribute to the development of the new Vision and Mission. This collaborative effort has not only enhanced our team’s sense of ownership but has also equipped each member with the necessary mindset and capabilities to thrive in the ever-evolving maritime landscape.

At OSM Thome, we believe that our new Vision, Mission, and Values will serve as our guiding principles as we navigate industry challenges and seize opportunities. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional value to our clients, leveraging our strengthened foundation built on shared purpose and collaboration.