OSM Thome-Hafnia Crew Conference in Split, Croatia

Hafnia recently hosted its bi-annual crew conference in Split, Croatia, from March 18th to 20th, 2024, marking a significant milestone in collaboration with OSM-Thome. For the first time, the conference brought together Hafnia’s in-house crew and OSMThome crew, emphasizing the theme of “COLLABORATION – Working together as ONE TEAM.”

The event, organized by both OSM Thome and Hafnia, gathered 113 participants, including onshore staff members and seafarers representing diverse backgrounds from across the globe. It served as a platform for fostering knowledge exchange, cultural sharing, and collaborative problem-solving, with OSM Thome’s meticulous planning ensuring a seamless experience for all attendees.

Aligning with both OSM Thome and Hafnia’s commitment to excellence on water, the conference underscored the collective efforts needed to ensure safety, efficiency, and sustainability in the maritime sector.

The seminar commenced with an address by Mikkel Boesen, VP and Head of the TECOS Fleet, offering valuable insights into the organization’s growth trajectory and future plans. Subsequent sessions, featuring speakers from both Hafnia and OSM Thome, including General Manager—Head of Fleet, Rajesh Sapre, General Manager—Head of Fleet, Dubai, Capt. Maria Javellana, together with OSM Thome Managing Director for Tanker, Mladen Matak, Fleet Group Manager, Damir Maric, Senior Marine, Vetting & HSSEQ Manager, Tomislav Krizman, and other representatives, delved into critical topics such as anti bribery, crewing, cyber security, safety, vetting, and operational procedures.

The event also included a gala dinner, providing an opportunity for the entire OSM Thome and Hafnia team to connect and strengthen bonds outside of formal sessions.

OSM Thome and Hafnia extends its gratitude and congratulations to all delegates for their contributions to promoting safety, efficiency, and professionalism aboard Hafnia vessels through knowledge-sharing and collaboration.