A survey suggests that a third of the OSM seafarers’ network has been contacted by OSM for a vacancy

A survey among its Social Media followers who work as seafarers was run by OSM between January and February 2022. The survey’s objective was to determine the extent to which the OSM’s candidate pool’s registrants have been contacted for a vacancy matching their profile data. Of the 470 responses 359 seafarers were accepted for the survey, based on the criterion that the responders had already created a candidate profile with OSM, so that they would be able to be contacted by the company for an available vacancy.

Have you registered your profile with OSM


Has OSM ever contacted you for a job vacancy through email or telephone?

Of the 359 seafarers who answered that they have submitted their curriculum vitae to OSM, an exact 32% of them answered that they have been contacted through email or telephone for a job vacancy of OSM. In absolute numbers, and taking into consideration that OSM’s network of candidates accumulates the number of no fewer than 58,000 seafarers, the result suggests that, potentially, 18560 job applicants could have been contacted by OSM’s manning offices for a vacancy.

Has OSM ever contacted you for a job vacancy through email or telephone


Where do OSM vacancies’ contacts reside?

OSM’s candidate pool is utilized by numerous manning offices across the globe. The survey distinguished certain nationalities with which OSM was used to collaborate the most until the end of 2021. For the question “where do you live” the possible answers where the following: Australia, Brazil, Croatia, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, India, Latvia, New Zealand, Norway, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, the USA and “Other”.

Where do OSM vacancies’ contacts reside

From this group of countries, we can get more credible results from the participants of the Philippines (98), India (90) and Brazil (30). Thirty-four of the Filipino survey participants were contacted for an OSM vacancy, which equals to a percentage of 34.7%, which is very close to the general result. In regards to the Indian nationals, twenty-one of them were contacted which equals to a lower percentage of 23.3%. Brazilians were contacted at a percentage of 46.7%. The respective numbers of candidate registrants with OSM recruiting system are 14300 Filipinos, 7200 Indians and 8400 Brazilians (if you are interested in crew from these or other countries contact us here).


Register your profile with OSM

Despite the fact that new job vacancies are uploaded on OSM’s website almost on a daily basis, the survey showed that a percentage of more than 23% of OSM’s seafarers-followers on the Social Media have not registered their information with OSM yet. Hence, they are not eligible to apply for any current vacant maritime or offshore position.

If you are a seafarer and you haven’t registered your information with OSM yet, you can do it the “Jobs” page. Just click the “Register Your CV” button and follow the instructions to complete your information and upload your documents. It is a lengthy, detailed procedure but you can complete the registration procedure in different time periods, as you are enable to save your registration progress and complete the registration later.


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