OSM Philippines Wellbeing Awareness

True to our company’s vision to be “a home for our people,” we continuously strive to provide a home wherein our seafarers’ wellbeing is a priority. 

Wellbeing is defined as a state of optimum health, happiness, and prosperity in all areas of their lives. At OSM we not only want to build a healthy work relationship, but also a healthy life relationship. A community of happy-healthy-wealthy OSM seafarers and families.

For this quarter’s OSM Seafarers Family Club (OSM SFC) program, we have completed the #StrongerFamiliesStrongerOSM Conference in the provinces of Cebu and Bohol last July 20 and 21.  212 participants, composed of seafarers and families, were taught about the dynamics of strengthening family relationships and the methodologies in managing the seafarer’s hard-earned money.  Award-winning speakers, Michele Alignay Ph.D., and Dave Regala CPA provided insights on their respective areas of expertise.  Not to be outdone is the full support of our Crewing Team from OSM Manila and Cebu offices, headed by our President, Mailyn Borillo, and our General Manager, Jay Babera.    

We are finished with the first 6 OSM SFC chapters and we continue on in spreading our Family and Wealth advocacies to the last 4 OSM SFC chapters this coming August and September.

OSM Philippines President, Mailyn Borillo
Award winning speaker Dave Regala CPA (far right)