OSM NEXT to support digital strategic direction

Look ahead with Global Managing Director Technical Management and Services, Bjoern Sprotte, on OSMs work with Innovation

The future is NEXT

A company’s attitude facing innovation can determine its very existence. Are we prepared for the NEXT level? 

Innovation and digitalization seem to be competing for word of the year in 2017. It’s not by coincidence that almost every tradeshow during this past year have lifted these topics to the top of their agenda. Providing innovative solutions that produce sustainable results has become central to a company’s success in the 21st century. OnBoard asked Bjoern Sprotte, Global Managing Director for Technical Management and Services to comment on how OSM works with innovation:

“Innovation entails three stages: modernization, transformation, reimagination. We have a shared vision that we need to standardize and automate more. Right now, we’re experiencing the fourth industrial revolution in a world that is moving faster and faster, so we need to keep looking for smart and efficient solutions and products that can take us to the next stage in the maritime industry,” says Sprotte.

“Digitalization has a huge impact on our private lives, how we live, work and relate to each other. The way in which work has evolved makes the network approach and shared knowledge the norm. We see that the traditional management models are reaching their limits and we have seen quantum leaps in digital technology development making things possible which we couldn’t have imagined before. Digitalization allows the modernization, transformation and reimagination of virtually any business model and is not limited to certain industries.”


Applies NEXT every day

The NEXT methodology is one of the tools that OSM is using to stay ahead of their competitors, today and in future. Sprotte is happy to describe what NEXT is all about:

“NEXT is not a project – it’s a methodology, or a system of methods for how we do things in OSM,” explains Sprotte, and continues, “NEXT serves as a guideline for all projects and developments. It is also meant as a reminder to keep challenging ourselves and our industry when we develop and build our future.”

Using the NEXT methodology is something Sprotte lives in his day to day operation. In fact, all members of the TM&S Leadership Team have a small stand-up card on their desk with the NEXT infographic, reminding them to apply the four NEXT elements in leading their teams.

“It is also part of our business development meetings and interviews for new people. Personally, I use it as a guideline when working on our strategic plans”, he says.


A new era

Digital initiatives are considered high level priorities for OSM’s strategic direction going forward. The new digital eCommerce platform called S2S, and OSM People’s new digital solutions platform are two prime examples of this – both to be launched in early in 2018. OSM’s Technical Management & Service is developing a new Business and Operational Model, centered around an OSM Operations Center for 24/7 support to ship and offshore units managed by OSM.

These initiatives all have in common that they are results of a changed focus where OSM is taking a more proactive role providing more value to its customers.

“This is a new era for business, driven by digital solutions, and so rather than waiting to see how we could potentially be impacted – OSM is taking the proactive approach and asking, “What can we do to disrupt our industry?”, says Sprotte.   

“The world is changing fast, and many industries are being severely disrupted by digital technologies. This shipping industry is not immune to this, and it’s only a matter of time before one will be forced to adapt to survive – but at OSM our digital focus will serve to guide the Group to thrive rather than simply survive these rapidly changing times.”