OSM message on Ukraine

The current and very challenging war situation in Ukraine is a matter of deep concern to all of us in OSM. Our Ukrainian seafarers as well as our local employees, their families, and their friends, are presently going through very stressful times.

We are doing everything we can to support our colleagues and their families in this extremely challenging situation, and we will continue our support as the situation develops. We have an in-house dedicated task force focused on the Ukrainian situation, and we do our utmost to keep all our key stakeholders updated on a daily basis.

At OSM, it’s all about people – all our people. Our colleagues globally are working according to our vision, mission and values, every day. We are proud to be the employer of more than 70 nationalities globally, and we are proud to be supportive of the international communities where we all work together. We see that all our colleagues are stepping up to support our Ukrainian colleagues.

OSM is a large family! We want to be a home for our people and their families, we want to be an asset in society, and we want to be a partner for our customers. At the moment we are making efforts to utilize our global crew pools to support business continuity for our customers and the supply chain in general.

To all OSM family members facing the challenges of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine – our hearts and minds are with you!