OSM Maritime’s recruitment service meets the cruise industry’s needs for global access to candidates

OSM’s world-leading candidate pool enables OSM to provide cruise companies around the world with efficient recruitment and crewing services.

After two years of having been laid up, the cruise industry is finally slowly coming into operation again. Having that said, many cruise companies find that their workforce has taken up other positions either ashore or in different maritime segments and are now in a position where they have to search for entirely new crew compliments.

In this context, OSM Maritime have entered a collaboration with some of the major players within the cruise industry to assist in sourcing their crew by using its newly inhouse developed recruitment and sourcing tool CrewMatch. This tool was originally developed by its sister company OSM Aviation and has been customized to cater to the maritime industry. The recruitment tool has been built on structured data, meaning the recruiters in OSM can filter on any criteria and identify seafarers with the required certificates, courses and experience required for work onboard. In addition, the tool provides the recruiters with automation capabilities, enabling a faster candidate sourcing process.

To be able to supply the maritime and cruise companies with high volumes of candidates, OSM is attracting seagoing personnel to its global candidate database and the pool is expanding rapidly. During the last year, more than 60 000 registered seagoing personnel have signed up in CrewMatch. The company is now experiencing an even higher run rate of candidate registrations. A key reason for the growth in OSM’s candidate pool is the way the recruitment platform is made for “mobile-first”, making it easy and convenient to sign up on the go.

The growth in its candidate pool and being an efficient recruitment tool enables OSM to provide maritime and cruise companies around the world with efficient recruitment and crewing services. – “OSM Maritime Group’s core focus is crew management and technical management. That said, the company sees a great potential to support more maritime and cruise companies with the newly launched recruitment services”, says Eirik Steen Nøding, Director of OSM Recruitment.

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