OSM Maritime integrates with Veracity API for continuous access to current, quality-assured emissions data

By integrating our operational data reporting system with Veracity’s ingest API, we can now offer to our customers continuous access to quality-assured GHG data, CO2 emissions, and other key metrics on the Veracity platform.

Managing over 200 vessels, across multiple ship owners, we have noticed an increase in requests for emissions data from their customers in recent years. To meet this demand and better serve the needs of the industry and stakeholders – such as flexibility, transparency and reporting to benchmarking and insights – OSM sought to integrate with a trusted platform partner.


“At OSM we are looking for solutions to better serve our customers. We believe in the efficient exchange of data, irrespective of the source. The Veracity integrations fits well with this and it has provided us with an efficient solution for DNV’s MRV and DCS verification service. We see integrations like this to be an advantage in meeting new regulatory requirements such as CII, ETS, and more.”

Øyvind Monsen, Environmental Solutions Manager at OSM


The common challenge

Traditionally, as with many players in the value chain, the task of processing and reporting emissions data was a manual task and one that was only performed on an annual basis for MRV/DCS. This significantly increased the risk of data errors and inconsistencies, as well as hindered the opportunity to use current and quality-assured data throughout the year.

“We are seeing a growing need for more flexibility and frequency in the use of data from our customers, as well as the necessity for that data to be quality-assured by accredited verifiers such as DNV. This is imperative to meeting their stakeholders’ requirements, such as financial and operational reporting.”

Mikkel Skou, Executive Director of Veracity – DNV’s independent cloud platform.


Evolving through integration 

By integrating their own vessel data software with Veracity’s ingest API, OSM now has a real-time and continuous feed of data into DNV’s MRV/DCS reporting scheme. By digitizing and increasing the frequency of data ingested to the service, OSM not only benefits from continuous and automatic quality checks from the algorithm but is assured that the data quality is adequate for further processing. What’s more, the new set-up promises unimpeded access to current, quality-assured operational data that can be used to meet the industry’s requirements for situational awareness and reporting towards the likes of Poseidon Principle, Charterers/Sea Cargo Charter and ESG. The benefits to the customer include:

  • Reporting and benchmarking are made easier with OSM’s access to current, quality-assured emissions data
  • High-frequency data, allowing for more accurate and controlled reporting
  • Reduced risk of human error and therefore, quality concerns
  • Increased data transfer efficiency


More on benchmarking and performance

DNV verifies operational data for more than 10,000 vessels each year, upon which customers can securely share and combine the quality-assured data for new insights and reporting over the Veracity platform. Utilizing DNV’s Emissions Insights dashboard, customers such as OSM can also benchmark their vessels’ performance, both within their fleets and towards industry data, covering carbon metrics such as CII, AER, and EEOI.

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