OSM has won the SAFETY4SEA “2022 Crew Welfare Management” award

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We are proud to announce that OSM Maritime has won the SAFETY4SEA “2022 Crew Welfare Management” award! Mailyn Borillo, Managing Director of OSM Philippines stated on behalf of OSM “I understand that this is awarded to the Crew management company that demonstrates the best practices and excellence in any aspect of Crew Welfare. Thank you SAFETY4SEA for reminding us that we are on the right track!”

Mrs Borillo also added “allow me also to thank all the OSM Teambuilders globally and especially our shipowners who are supporting us in driving the three basic pillars of our Crew and Family Welfare programme in OSM Maritime: First is the financial literacy program, because it is not how much you earn, it is how much you save and invest. Second, we advocate seafarers to take care of themselves, so they can take care of others. And then last but not least, we offer the family values seminars because the best gift seafarers can give to their children is a good relationship with them.”.

Concluding, Mrs Borillo urged the following: “Let’s create a community of highly competent seafarers, but especially happy, wealthy and healthy seafarers, for they truly deserve it!’’.

We would like to thank all who voted for OSM, and we dedicate the award to the people onboard our ships. 

OSM, it’s all about people!