OSM – GCC Seminar in Varna

We are happy to announce that on 12-13 September we organized our physical OSM – GCC Officers Seminar in Varna, Bulgaria. The seminar hosted our Ukrainian Officers, following a 3-year period of absence impacted by the Pandemic and the restrictions generated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24th February 2022.

33 Ukrainian seafarers and their families have arrived in Varna from different countries where they temporarily reside such as Romania, Moldova, Poland, Spain, Croatia, Germany, and Bulgaria. They have come to meet with sailing colleagues, shipowner representatives and office colleagues to learn and exchange ideas, and receive feedback and updates on many important matters.

The 2 days of the seminar have been fruitful with insightful sessions that sparked interesting discussions, lessons learned and a teambuilding activity that provided “food for thought”.

While the seafarers were engaged in the seminar, our OSM Odessa staff arranged a great fun activity for the families with a Children’s party on the “Pirates Ship” off the coast of Varna. It was a good welfare activity that allowed the little ones to “experience sailing amongst pirates”.

We extend our full appreciation to our sailing staff and their families for taking the time & effort to meet. We had spent two fantastic days re-bonding and reconnecting with each other.

A sincere THANK YOU! goes to our OSM Odessa office staff who had made perfect arrangements for this seminar, hosted in a foreign country with participants travelling from several parts of the world. It’s a logistical challenge that was handled with a fantastic outcome!