OSM Chosen as OCEAN INFINITY’S New Build Site Supervision Partner in Norway

OSM has been awarded the New Build Site Supervision project of Ocean Infinity’s new build vessels being built at GMV shipyard in Norway.

Four vessels with a length of 21 m and 2 vessels of 36 m, are part of Ocean Infinity Armada Fleet. The robotic vessels are equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and pioneering navigational technology that allows information to be gathered from the shallowest and deepest waters. Each vessel has been specifically designed to ensure can rapidly de deployed to anywhere on the globe and are equipped with hybrid technology to offer a significant saving in CO2 emissions.

OSM is also supervising 8 vessels for Ocean Infinity at VARD Vietnam with a length of 78 meters, the vessels are specially developed to serve as multi-role vessels and will support Ocean Infinity’s operations worldwide from its control centers.