OSM Brazil visits the Abrigo Santa Luzia Shelter

Our Teambuilders of OSM Brazil felt the need to take care for one day some of those people who have already taken care of many!

At Abrigo Santa Luzia elderly shelter, the well-being of elderly ladies housed there is one of the main objectives. The activities and programs are developed to improve their daily life.

The shelter´s strength goes beyond the words they defend, it also arises from its actions and initiatives. The shelter acknowledged that the challenges to providing housing to the ladies in a dignifying and loving way could be accomplished much easier if they could achieve it by working with partners.

Society’s help is what keeps the shelter running, and not it’s not only about food and money, but it is also concerning the time, attention and affection given to these special ladies by volunteers.

Last Friday, November 11th, the OSM Teambuilders visited the Santa Luzia Shelter and spent some of their time there. In fact, it proved to be a great time! The ladies talked with them and enjoyed the manicure and hairdressing provided during this time. Some of them danced, others had a snack and we want to believe that all of them received selfless affection from our Teambuilders.



For our OSM Brazil colleagues and the elderly ladies, it was an excellent afternoon of much love and learning!

Well done OSM Brazil!