OSM Brasil at the ‘’Santa Rita de Cássia‘’ orphanage of Rio de Janeiro

Long gone are the times when a Company did not consider the social context that surrounds it… For us at OSM, the phrase “It´s all about people” is something more than a slogan. It is a compass that guides our actions and the vision of our Group.

On August 25th, some OSM Brasil Teambuilders (as we call the OSM staff onshore and at sea) visited the ‘’Santa Rita de Cássia‘’ orphanage in Rio de Janeiro, which assists 82 girls between the ages of 3 to 14 years old. There, children have extra classes, activities, and some meals during the day. Six of these girls live permanently there, waiting for adoption. The institution is managed by the nuns of Santa Rita de Cássia Church, and it is really inspiring to see how they provide love and care to the kids.

To keep the orphanage open, donations are needed. If people have a chance to visit the place and deliver it personally, they can see the importance of the job done by the nuns and how special the girls are.

Our OSM Colleagues delivered coupons for MC Donald’s yearly action that happens in Brazil, called “MC Dia Feliz” (something like “Happy Mc Day”), where the obtained amount is destinated to help children with cancer.

In this way, OSM contributed to an important action, made the girls happy having a good time, and took another step in developing our mentality to identify possible actions to give back part of the good that the Group obtains from its success in Brazil.

Contact Santa Rita de Cassia at (21) 3292-4292 or on WhatsApp at (21) 98310-0195

The OSM Teambuilders: Leon Castro – Vanuza Sampaio – Vivian Braga


OSM Teambuilders: Leon Castro – Vanuza Sampaio - Vivian Braga