OSM at the Norway-Philippines Maritime and Energy Conference

OSM Maritime Group was one of the sponsors of the Maritime Day (Day 1) of the Norway-Philippines Maritime and Energy Conference which was held last 13th October 2022 in Peninsula Manila, Philippines. This year’s theme, creating currents together, aimed to present solutions to pressing issues besetting the maritime industry through collaboration with leading Norwegian and Filipino companies.

Norway-Philippines Maritime Conference 2022

Mailyn Borillo, Managing Director of OSM Philippines, was one of the speakers for “The Human Success Factor” session. She stressed key points in reinventing loyalty through people, policy, process and practice.

On people, it should be a holistic approach with shore and sea connection. Seafarers are human beings and not just numbers. There is a need to involve the seafarers and their families in crafting the company’s program, and seafarers and shore employees should have similar programs.

On policy, the company must walk the talk. Company policies must support its programs and initiatives.

In the process, the organization must be proactive than reactive and data-driven. Its programs must be part of its strategic planning and management review. Use existing facts and data with the involvement of experts.

In practice, the company must have a continuous program that is structured and focused on its long-term effect. It is a constant evolution than a revolution.

All the Maritime Day delegates were treated to a nice evening reception and a one-in-a-lifetime experience to board the 108-year-old Statsraad Lehmkhul which was docked in the Manila South Harbor.