OSERV has made a pledge for the environment and will do its utmost, together with all contracted stakeholders, to minimize and avoid waste of packaging material as well as engage in environment-friendly recycling.

Sustainability and Awareness

With the growing concern on environmental issues, OSERV had developed research studies to reduce effects on the environment and become more sustainable. Packaging has been one of the most significant issues of concern because of its environmental impact and end-of-life cycle. If addressed appropriately, changes in packaging practices can have a large impact on the environment.

In our constant effort for best practices and in consideration for sustainable and responsible operations we have worked out a new packaging and sustainability procedure / recommendation that will be introduced into all supply chain contracts (existing and future) soonest.

We encourage Eco-friendly packaging, as it is easily recycled, and is safe for individuals and the environment. It makes use of renewable energy and uses as much renewable or recycled materials as possible. It is also known as green packaging or sustainable packaging.

OSERV is striving to minimize our footprint for ecological impact and will try to act as an example for other important market players to follow!