OSERV Catering supports the education of indigent children in the Philippines

20 OSERV team members, including the management, trekked through a long lahar sand trail leading to an isolated school in Zambales Province in the Philippines.

The school is part of a small remote community of indigenous people called Aetas who are being challenged to get access to basic life essentials such as drinking water, electricity and quality education.

The OSERV volunteers donated school bags and school supplies to the children to support them in their daily tasks in class. The school also received sports equipment for basketball, football, volleyball, badminton and chess to contribute to exposing the children towards competitive development.

This activity was an initiative and pledge of all OSERV team members in lieu of their departmental Christmas party and supported by the OSM Foundation community projects.

Congratulations OSERV volunteers for enriching educational development opportunities and bringing a smile to the community members’ faces.