OSERV Catering Philosophy and Roadmap: Where Goals and Crew Wellbeing Align

OSERV Catering’ ambition will always be to support our customers to reach their goals. Crew wellbeing, service quality, operational efficiency and financial performance are the pillars of what we provide.

To achieve this, OSERV invests into its people, a technical platform and supply solutions to deliver the value that really matters for the crew onboard – timely provision supply at best quality and price.

During surveys about the top 3 priorities for crew onboard, food is mentioned together with compensation and connectivity. Afterall, crew wellbeing impacts productivity, safety, and overall morale, which is ultimately a deciding factor for performance and efficiency of operations.

OSERV Catering utilizes several key approaches to optimize budget performance without compromising on quality:

Supplier Relationships and volume leverage

Establish long-term contracts with suppliers to benefit from volume concessions. This ensures stable prices and availability of sustainable, quality ingredients on short notice.


Procurement Software

Cloud based procurement software to streamline ordering processes, simplify inventory management and budget management.


Supplier Audits and Certifications

OSERV are ISO 2001:15 certified and conduct regular performance audits to ensure our food safety and quality standards


Transparent Cost Management

OSERV tracks and reports monthly on all relevant and agreed upon financial, nutritional and food safety KPI’s to ensure performance.


Catering Training

OSERV Catering Academy has over the years trained and developed a career path for thousands of competent maritime catering crew through culinary basics, food safety, nutrition, planning and inventory control.



By focusing on crew wellbeing with efficient technologies, strategic procurement, and a competent and passionate team, OSERV Catering can optimize catering budgets while maintaining the quality services the maritime sector demands today.