One Year OSM Chemical Tankers Copenhagen

On Sept. 1st, 2021, “OSM Chemical Tankers” celebrates its one-year anniversary after setting up its office in Copenhagen with the ambition to create a best-in-class Chemical Tanker Ship Management Hub.

“We are nearly there”, says Peter Jensen, Fleet Director at OSM Chemical Tankers, starting with some of the absolute top experts in the chemical tanker sphere. “We started off with a very solid foundation and we are adding new levels of competencies every day”. The team comprises of people with a strong chemical tanker background and many years of experience in Chemical Tanker Ship Management.

At the unique location of Copenhagen we are at the center of a chemical tanker stronghold and we have access to industry experts.

OSM Chemical Tankers is part of the OSM Maritime Group, managing more than 600 ships at different locations around the globe.