Nutrition for Least-Assisted Children (NLAC), a CSR initiative by the Nordic Medical Clinic

At the beginning of this year, Nordic Medical Clinic (NMC) launched its new program for corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity, the Nutrition for Least-Assisted Children (NLAC), centered on an objective aligned with its mission to advocate holistic health education and solutions – this time to vulnerable populations in the Philippines.  

Through NLAC, running from January 2022 till the end of the year, NMC aims to support 50 undernourished children (in their formative years: 0-8yrs old) coming from urban poor families residing in the chosen community in Manila, Philippines. Specific activities of NLAC include:  

  • 1-year Supplemental Feeding  

Currently running till the end of the year, healthy food provisions from NMC are being delivered to the local partner foundation for preparation and serving to the children every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. For program metrics, NMC monitors the weight and well-being of undernourished children at the end of each month.  

  • Medical Intervention for Immediate Medical Necessity  

Special medical attention and free consultation services are provided to the children enrolled in the NLAC program, with the assistance of the rotating doctors of NMC.  

  • Children’s Family Health Education  

For sustainability of the CSR initiative, monthly virtual/face-to-face health talk is being facilitated for the families of the enrolled children – to educate the parents/guardians of those children on how to maintain their health and wellness, within their capacity, once the program ends. 

In addition to the above, dental missions and assessments of children (from the beneficiary foundation of CSR started in 2021) are still being performed on a monthly basis as part of the continuing service of advocating the importance of oral health in a child’s growth.


dental mission of Nordic Medical Clinic


Through sustainable assistance with CSR, children, during their most vulnerable ages of growth, are provided better chances of thriving and achieving good body & brain development.