Navigating the future in Cruise together: Ship Management Group (SMG), Powered by OSM Thome

OSM Thome and Ship Management Group announce their intention to explore a Strategic Cooperation in the (ocean and river) Cruise sector.

[Fort Lauderdale, April 9, 2024] – In a significant move set to redefine the landscape of cruise management, OSM Thome and Ship Management Group (“SMG”) have formally announced their intention to start a strategic cooperation. The signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) marks the beginning of this exciting venture, focusing on the Cruise and River management sectors.

Under this LOI, OSM Thome and SMG have agreed to explore collaborative opportunities in the cruise business across various domains, including technical management, crewing, travel, insurance, project management, and procurement services. This partnership aims to leverage the combined expertise and resources of both entities to deliver unparalleled value and innovation.

Strategic Vision and Commitment

Our Vision: Redefine maritime service excellence in the cruise, river, and offshore accommodation markets, via our commitment to innovation and quality enabling a value to our customers across the globe.

Our Strategy: Deliver to our customers comprehensive, efficient, and innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of the cruise markets.

Our Commitment: Excellence and Innovation

“This strategic alliance with SMG represents an important step in OSM Thome’s commitment to expanding our service offerings into the Cruise sectors,” said Finn Amund Norbye, CEO, OSM Thome. “Together, we are set to introduce a new paradigm in maritime management, blending our robust capabilities with SMG’s innovative approaches to cater to niche markets effectively.”

Echoing this sentiment, Jim Barreiro de Leon, Founder and CEO of SMG, stated, “Joining forces with OSM Thome aligns perfectly with our vision to redefine passenger ship management. Our collaboration will not only enhance our service spectrum but also foster a culture of innovation and excellence in the maritime industry.”


About OSM Thome

  • OSM Thome is a leading, global, and independent full-service marine services company with services covering Crew Management, Full Technical Ship Management and Marine Services supporting the broader needs of shipowners. OSM Thome is founded on principles of commitment, excellence, and innovation, grown into a global leader, dedicated to enhancing efficiency, safety, and sustainability across the maritime sector.
  • About Ship Management Group, LLC

Ship Management Group, LLC specializes in passenger ship management, offering a suite of services that includes technical, hospitality, and catering management for the Ocean, River, and Offshore sectors.

Future Engagements

OSM Thome and SMG are committed to finalizing a Cooperation Agreement within the next three months. This strategic initiative is poised to not only redefine the standards in maritime services but also create a robust platform for niche market operators seeking enhanced maritime solutions. Under the banner “SMG, Powered by OSM Thome,” this alliance is set to revolutionize the industry, combining SMG’s expertise in cruise and river management with OSM Thome’s global leadership in maritime solutions.

For More Information

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For OSM Thome
Tommy Olofsen
Chief Marine Services


Jim Barreiro de Leon
Chief Executive Officer and Founder