Navigating Cultural Challenges in a Global Maritime Workforce

Building a strong, clear, and unified corporate culture requires hard work, it is not a sprint, but a marathon. We know that “if you want to go far, you must go together” – therefore a culture building process must be a team effort, and never a solo act. Culture building is creating a wave and a movement, it can be viewed as a snowball that adds momentum as it rolls further, and is a strong positive force when you get it right!

Sometimes we refer to culture as “how we do things around here”, but it is also so much more. It is everything from company values, mission and vision, down to the specific processes  you have for your employees at all levels. Culture is the language you use for communication. It is how you deal with failures and how you celebrate successes. It is how you work with customers. It is how you treat your employees. It is how you lead. It is how you work. Culture is your DNA – and culture eats everything else for breakfast.

Culture building starts right from the top of the company, and if you don’t get your leadership philosophy and skills right from day one – you will struggle to manage not only the company itself, but also the changes that you and your employees are faced with. Every leader has a unique leadership style, and awareness on the strengths and weaknesses of these will improve a leaders capability of leveraging the full potential of their team. When leaders are aware of the impact and influence they have on a team, only then can they set their teams up for success and give every employee that feeling of mastery and autonomy that the team needs to function well.

I am proud to be the Chief Culture Officer of OSM Thome, where fostering a strong, performance driven culture with people, customers and community at the heart of what we do!