Meet the FIRST Chief Cook graduate of the OSM Catering Education Program

Inspired by his father’s career, a Chief Cook in OSM, Arvin Cruz joined the first batch of trainees for OSM Catering Education Program in 2014. 

The OSM Catering Program was established to further the career opportunities of young seafarers.  It covers 6-months internship at OSM’s Catering Academy in Manila, a paid sailing contract on board ship and 4 intensive culinary training modules at an international culinary institution.

After his internship in OSM Catering Academy, February 2015 marked Arvin’s first sailing contract. Assigned as a messboy in Viking Neptune, Arvin exhibited excellent performance which earned him an instant recommendation for promotion from the Chief Steward.  

Because of the program’s intensive culinary training, combined with onboard work experience, it presented Arvin with the opportunity to surpass the competency hurdles faster.  Within less than a year of sailing, he reached 2nd cook position.  By July 2018, Arvin has been proudly promoted to Chief Cook at a tender age of 27.   

Arvin admits one of his challenges was being able to please different nationalities and prepare food that he is not really familiar with. However, because of his determination to learn and the support of the OSM Catering Academy, he was able to gain confidence and execute his tasks to everyone’s satisfaction.

Ask what his advice is for other aspiring OSM Catering trainees, Arvin said: ‘not to be afraid to commit mistakes as failure is the first step in learning’.

According to Arvin, his key to success is patience and enthusiasm to learn.