Meet Shehzad Gandhi, Restaurant Manager (Hurtigruten Expeditions)

Shehzad Gandhi was born in Baroda, India in 1983.

After his school studies, he decided to study Hotel and Tourism Management, at one of the finest institutes in India and achieved his bachelor’s degree in 2004.

During the last year of his college studies, he got selected from one of the best brands in the hotel hospitality industry, and that’s how his journey started.

From a very young age, he had a dream and passion for roaming around the whole world, meeting different people, and learning different cultures, customs and traditions.

One day, after seeing a newspaper advertisement for a job opportunity onboard Cruise Ships, he got fascinated and overwhelmed. The position matched perfectly his previous experience. He joined a famous cruise line in 2007, as Assistant Waiter and got promoted already on his 1st contract. Soon after, he became an Assistant Restaurant Manager.

A few years later, he moved ashore and extended his experience by working as a Restaurant Manager in fine dining restaurants worldwide. From, New York to Canada and then Abu Dhabi, Shehzad, managed to excel in his skills and expertise. During his time in UAE, he had the opportunity to join a prestigious airline as Food and Beverage Manager.

Post-pandemic and since 2021, Shehzad has joined our team in OSM & Hurtigruten Expeditions as a Restaurant Manager, fulfilling his dream to travel across the globe and meet with different people, learning about other cultures, customs and traditions. He enjoys every bit of his job and feels like he belongs in the industry, especially when working for one of the finest companies in the Cruise industry, Hurtigruten Expeditions.

With 18 years of experience in the hospitality industry, he is still eager and motivated for upcoming opportunities to learn and develop.

Here are a few points that Mr. Shehzad Gandhi believes are key to success:

  1. Dedication: A dedicated hospitality employee means business without any fuss.
  2. Great communication and Language skills
  3. Cultural awareness
  4. Ability to multi-task
  5. A Positive Attitude
  6. Emotional Intelligence: Developing skills related to Emotional intelligence can help people manage stress, to work better in teams and in becoming better leaders.
  7. Being Tech Savvy is an essential hospitality skill
  8. Flexibility
  9. Interpersonal & Networking Skills
  10. Leadership Skills and impeccable Organizational Skills.

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