Meet Julia Anastasiou

Happy International Women’s Day!

While today allows everyone to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of women across the world, we should not restrict this to just one day in a year.

At OSM, we support gender equality and are proud to have a strong team of women who lead by example on a daily basis in an industry that has predominantly been male dominated.

To all the women who have challenged the norm, broken glass ceilings, and paved the way for the future women leaders of tomorrow, we salute you!


To celebrate #IWD2021, we are glad to share in depth interviews with different #WomenatOSM.

We would like to kick off the week by introducing you to Julia Anastasiou!

She is currently the Deputy Managing Director for Crew Management for OSM Maritime Group in Cyprus and has been part of the OSM family for 12 years.


You need women who know the organization, who understand the business, who wish to grow and have grown with an organization. So it’s important that those few influencers are really making their mark and within their organization and within their industry and within OSM where I definitely see that women have created a very positive influence.

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