It’s all about people!

The recent status of the Maritime industry has become significantly enormous and its future demands consistently growing. The market that was once dull and vague due to economic crisis & pandemic, has again come alive like a playground in the park. For investors, owners, charterers, brokers, shippers, operators & manning agencies, this is an emerging opportunity. The shipping industries suddenly turn active and contiguous. The recession period has finally come to an end.

As the industry moves forward, new challenges also arise. With the start of a new dawn on the horizon, behind the dark clouds, great responsibilities loom.

The Maritime World that we knew started to be hefty as time goes, with the number of implemented rules and regulations, some of which are feasible to comply with, while few remained difficult, and the rest are in a complex state, we can only imagine the struggle our company is up to…

It is surely not an easy time; in fact, it is very challenging on our part. With all things to be considered; Rules and Regulations that are becoming stricter and bolder, operational demands, time pressure, maintenance and above all safety of the crew, cargo & the vessel itself, not to mention the unforeseen sprout of undesirable events. It is really quite a big challenge!

Nevertheless, how do we really manage while staying competitive and maintaining a robust standard? To be able to keep the integral aspect of our company and crew in terms of:

  • Competency
  • Proficiency
  • Operational Safety
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Efficient and High-Quality Service
  • Reliability and Sustainability
  • High Standard of Integrity
  • Harmonious Environment
  • Amenable or Hospitable Approach
  • Cost Conscious without Compromising Safety
  • Professionalism

The answer: It’s all about People!

By finding the proper blend, trusting one another, bringing out the best in them, believing in one’s peculiarity, good communication without hesitation, working as a team or as one, filling each other’s gap, and moving forward as a group.

The best resources a company or a Manager could ask for!

Our company or our people is not only moulded by traditions and enriched with cultures to keep us running but also founded by a strong Will, which is filled with tremendous dreams and beliefs. Reinforced by unparalleled ability, credibility and dignity. As we always used to say, “Nothing comes easy, every single moment can be as hard as hell, but with the proper attitude and correct approach, nothing is impossible if we work together”.

By Capt. Rico B. Baron, Master SKS DODA