Improved Safety Management System nears completion

On the 1st of November 2022, the OSM Maritime Group launched an improved Safety Management System (SMS) based on the SMS simplification principles of Lovoy. Our main goal when the project started in 2020 was to have one common user-friendly SMS as we know that clarity and simplicity improve procedural compliance. Revised policies and procedures had been launched up to 9 months prior in order not to introduce them all at once. E-learning material and presentations have been introduced all through 2022, to familiarise sea and shore staff.

OSM Maritime Group has put considerable effort into completing the project, with up to 5 full-time employees, 30 or so internal writers as well as external consultants from Lovoy with proven track records of reducing the impact of one of the most common root causes of incidents – lack of following procedures. But how do you make it work?

Together with an increased focus on leadership through extensive courses, OSM aims to reduce the number of injuries to our most important asset – our people. A good tool, ie our procedures is half the job. There is a strong link between how clearly we write a procedure and how well that procedure is followed.

The revised Safety Management System has now been rolled out to our vessels operated from Arendal, Bergen and Copenhagen. 

We would like to thank Pål Morten Hjulstad for his dedication and leadership in completing this project as well as the steering committee, core team, project team, and all contributors to this project, probably one of the largest safety projects undertaken in OSM. All shore staff in ship management have done a great job in familiarising themselves with new procedures. Let’s continue to work towards the world’s best ship management company – one OSM.