Growth prompted OSM to send 150 managers on Leadership Training Workshops

OSM has now successfully completed the first, out of the 12, Leadership Training Workshops that are planned for 2022.
Tough days during the workshop where everyone was giving his best efforts to learn and engage how to become a better leader for the OSM people. The personnel’s training was done in parallel with running OSM’s ship management and daily tasks, hence the personnel had long days from early morning to late evening.
Andreas Tziarras, Head of the Human Resources Department noted, “we are very proud of all the team for their engagement, learnings and reflections”.

The OSM Leadership Book

The custom made OSM Leadership Book is a full of leadership content, examples, tools and exercises, all nicely blended with OSM info and coloring. The leadership book weighs an amazing 2.5 kilos. It is a heavy book because of the importance of the content, as “leading is weightlifting”. Certainly, the Leadership Training and the book itself will serve as a weight to keep the OSM managers grounded and focused, in order to continue their leadership journey with humility.