#goBLUE Beyond the Hour – A call for mindful living

OSM’s environmental campaign #goBLUE coincides with Earth Hour, scheduled for March 24th. But what happens when the lights are turned back on?

“I believe that ‘Earth Hour’ is meaningless and we need to look ‘Beyond the Hour’, says Nicholas Sorrie, Safety Officer on the accommodation jack-up rig Crossway Eagle. He continues:

“As a Safety Officer I focus on Health, Environment and Safety, not just Safety Officers but all mankind has a responsibility to care for the Earth and focus on the Environment because we have a responsibility to our children and our children’s children.”

“I think it is much better, not for just one hour a year to make a difference but it is essential to try to make a difference throughout our whole lives.” Nick urges.

Worldwide movement

On the 24th of this month, interested parties from across the globe will be participating in Earth Hour. Earth Hour was started in 2007 by the WWF to make a stand against climate change.  Today, Earth Hour is the world’s largest environmental movement for the planet that involves 178 countries and territories worldwide.

At OSM, we’re hoping to use this event to further drive and empower our interconnected global community to achieve tangible environmental outcomes for our living planet.  This of course, goes beyond the actual hour.

Every element of production and innovation in OSM are designed and executed with an eye on sustainability – as a responsible company, we keep a constant focus on our efforts to minimize the environmental footprint of our operations. Using a precautionary approach, we apply a combination of corporate requirements and risk-based solutions to manage our environmental performance; working diligently with our employees, local communities and internationally recognized bodies to ensure that environmental factors are integrated into our business principles.

By joining the United Nations Global Compact program OSM have a clear objective to lead the way for sustainable business in the maritime industry: We are committed to take action to combat climate change and its impacts.

For us to succeed we need to work closely with our various stakeholders. We have a common interest in protecting the environment. This calls for further cooperation and experience transfer, including knowing each other’s requirements and capabilities to enable us to find environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions together.

It is our goal to prepare for the future by increasing our technical capabilities and by continuously training and educating our employees – in order for us to improve our environmental performance and support the sustainable long-term growth of our company.


This month, OSM have been highlighting their environmental focus with the theme #goBLUE across all social media accounts – the aim of the campaign is to raise awareness on the positive efforts put forth by OSM and our partners for improved sustainability. The #goBLUE campaign hopes to emphasize the importance of taking care of the environment in general and the ocean specifically – world’s oceans – considering 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by water – and we are a maritime company –  we hope to encourage awareness and discussions around protecting all the environments in which we work.

We operate all over the world – and with great presence comes great responsibility. In our efforts of building a better tomorrow, leading by example, being unconditionally committed, and encouraging environmental awareness we all need to contribute. What can you do to make a stand against climate change – beyond the actual Earth Hour?

Are you prepared to take on the challenge and lead the way for a better future? #goblue