Successful Pilot Run of the CMS Virtual Course

Competence gains Confidence, and combined creates Excellence.

The pilot run of the CMS (Competence Management System) virtual course was conducted successfully for the first time by the CMS project team. The main objective of the Competence Management System (CMS) is to enhance the competencies of seafarers based on standards derived from best practices.   

This run marks an important milestone in the CMS implementation plan for the Stenersen fleet as this training will prepare the attendees in implementing the CMS processes on board their vessels.  

The CMS virtual course consists of an iLearn module and an 8-hour interactive session facilitated by our very own CMS facilitator and project officer, Ace Gonzales. In the virtual class, participants were able to put into practice the learnt knowledge they had from the iLearn module and were further enhanced through hands-on use of critical human factor skills that can be utilized harmoniously in the implementation.

The CMS course was attended by Stenersen senior officers and shore staff plus our own crewing team including the PIC for Stenersen, Nadiya Lunina.