DPST-ST155K Keel-Laying Ceremony

Another Keel Laying ceremony took place in Q2 2022 in China by OSM.  On the 4th of May at DSIC Dalian Shipyard, was celebrated the keel-laying ceremony for the DPST-ST155K, which construction is being supervised by OSM.

This 155,000 Dwt Shuttle tanker is owned by Shanghai North Sea Shipping and upon the delivery, the vessel will be deployed in Brazil’s offshore oil field project developed by CNOOC.

DP Shuttle Tankers provide invaluable contribution in the high seas’ oil exploratory areas, thereby helping to maintain a steady constancy in the oil and gases’ supply chain, specifically suited for those areas which are comparatively less accessible through exploratory piping and tough weather conditions areas, helping in the better extraction of crude oil and gases thanks to the utilization of Dynamic Positioning, propelling systems and thrusters to maintain stability and position.

OSM wants to thank its partners for their trust and commits itself to continue to provide great service to current and future clients in the New Building Supervision sector.