Delivery of Kystruten vessel Havila Castor

OSM and the Projects & New Building Supervision department announce that the vessel Havila Castor was delivered the previous week. Havila Kystruten took delivery of its second ship from the TERSAN Shipyard of Yalova in Turkey. 

Havila Castor is a modern Coastal Passenger Vessel that shall be able to operate year-round along the Norwegian coast from Bergen to Kirkenes and back, according to the requirement given by the Norwegian Ministry of Transportation Samferdsels department. 

The Kystruten vessel is designed and constructed to provide safe, effective, comfortable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly transport, loading & unloading of Passengers and Cargo. The vessel is built according to a safe return to port requirements and philosophy. 

The basic principle for the design of this Vessel is to meet operational and environmental demands with the best and most modern solutions using LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) fuel and Battery power for the propulsion. In general, special consideration is taken in the design, and in the selection of machinery and equipment etc, with regards to the prevention of pollution and in order to obtain the highest possible energy efficiency of the vessel. The Vessel is designed with two azimuth propulsion thrusters aft and two tunnel bow thrusters for giving the vessel good operational capability. 

The Vessel is Hybrid Gas-Electric / Battery driven for optimal operation and flexibility in order to reduce fuel consumption, emission, noise and vibration during transit and manoeuvring. The Batteries packages can be charged from an ashore power supply connection. The battery packages can also be used as an independent power source for possible “ZERO EMISSION” voyage, e.g. as in the UNESCO area of the Geiranger fjord. 

Projects & New Building Supervision Managing Director, Douglas Dalli, and NB Business Development Manager, Álvaro García, on behalf of OSM, would like to wish Havila Castor Fair Winds and Following Seas.