Crew vaccination in the USA!

We are pleased to share that 7 of our crew onboard SFL Tyne were successfully vaccinated with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine in the USA.

While this is just the beginning for our crew onboard, we are confident it is in the right direction to limit the spread of COVID and reduce the impact of this pandemic on our lives.

Our appreciation to the Master for initiating the vaccination through Seamans Club and agents accordingly.

Although only crew with US visas were allowed to be vaccinated, there is still a ray of hope for others calling the USA and we hope that in Europe there will be some promising steps in the days ahead.

Here is what Capt. Nelson said regarding his experience.

The Master of the vessel managed to arrange an appointment for his crew to get inoculated with COVID-19 vaccine through the assistance of The Seaman’s Church Institute of Philadelphia & South Jersey.

At exactly 1300 hours on the 11th of May, shuttle service arrived at the gangway. On the way to the vaccine center, everyone inside the car had shown calmness but undeniably hiding with deep thoughts.

As we arrived at the vaccine center, we were assisted by the courteous staff of the clinic, presented our ID’s and signed a document acknowledging that the persons appearing on their appointments were the same.

After few minutes of waiting and preparation, each individual was called and was given a single dose of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine.

After receiving our vaccine, we were asked by the Medical staff to stay for 15 minutes to be observed and we are good to go. All crew returned onboard at 1600 hours on the same day.

At this point and by following the advise of experts, vaccination is the only reasonable measure of defense against this raging virus.

Now, in a couple of days, we have to observe how the immune system responds to the vaccine but somehow we felt a sense of relief.

If there is a need to tell this kind of CoVid-19 story to convince everyone to take the vaccine, this is our part.

We hope everyone follows our lead.

The SEVEN warriors of SFL TYNE!” — Capt. Nelson G. Talavera, Master SFL Tyne